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In today’s world, there are a variety of factors that can combine to have a negative impact on one’s mental wellness, spiritual well-being, and sense of self. This points to the importance of educational resources that can help individuals receive guidance on their paths as they strive for betterment.

Training in Power™ Academy is an educational resource founded in 1986 by Faye Fitzgerald that teaches an energetic healing system through course work and meditation that engages the “active mind”. Training in Power was created with the mission to help individuals working in healthcare, social services, and healing spaces find solutions to take care of their mental health. Today, the program has expanded to teach its members high-level information surrounding topics ranging from vibrational psychology, quantum physics, and ancient energy systems to empower as they work to improve their personal wellness.

Training in Power Academy recognizes that many people are in search of tools that will help them achieve their personal versions of success in a rapidly evolving world and looks to provide these individuals with actionable information both through their courses and resources such as this site. Through these high-level insights, Training in Power hopes to encourage people interested to manifest the lives they envision for themselves.

Training Power Academy Reviews the Benefits of Meditation

Training Power Academy Reviews the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a popular tool utilized in many approaches to healing in part because of the benefits it can have on areas such as health, relaxation, and the maintaining of relationships. Training in Power Academy includes a meditation system as a core part of its program and has tuned the process in a way that engages the active mind. This dedication to meditation provides a guide for how practitioners can manifest positive solutions for wellness.

Despite the boom in popularity that meditation and similar practices have experienced over time, Training in Power Academy and its experts note that there are many people out there who have not had the opportunity to learn about the ways that the practice can promote healing, self and spiritual awareness, and wellness. Here, Training in Power Academy reviews just a few of the promoted benefits of meditation.

Manages Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

It is well-known that feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression can be barriers to achieving mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Newcomers to meditation may be surprised to learn, however, that meditation can be a great way for practitioners to reduce symptoms associated with these issues. One reason for this finding is meditation can improve self-image and self-worth, helping guide us to a clear picture of our mental states as well as the thoughts that drive our feelings and actions.

Another reason for meditation’s impact on stress, anxiety, and depression is that it can lower levels of cortisol, a chemical known as the stress hormone. Not only does this have a notable effect on our mental well-being, but it also serves to help practitioners combat health issues caused by stress that can have drastic effects over time.

Improves Self-Awareness and Quality of Relationships

Meditation is commonly cited for its ability to help practitioners develop a stronger sense of self-awareness through developing a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This is because meditation encourages examining our thoughts and feelings as we work on building towards our destiny. Training in Power Academy speaks to how this sense of self-awareness harnessed through meditation is a powerful resource for improving and maintaining the quality of our relationships.

There are several reasons for this fact, but one of the most commonly referenced is that a better understanding of yourself and the world around you can help you realize the role that you play in others live while still striving to maintain a sense of individuality. Many people hold the misconception that improving our relationships can only begin externally, but programs show that doing the work internally is a foundational step towards manifesting what we want to see in our world.

Increases Attention Span and Concentration

Issues remaining concentration can be a barrier towards manifesting the things that we want in life. Reason being we can lose focus on what matters and can become unmotivated when we experience obstacles on our path to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Meditation builds concentration in several ways including by helping us practice tuning out distractions, training to become aware of one thing at a time and building patience over the course of the process.

Building on our attention spans and concentration skills is crucial because it helps us maintain focus on the life that we would like to create for ourselves. It also goes a long way towards keeping us motivated as we put the pieces into motion to achieve our goals. Training in Power Academy notes that concentration honed through meditation keeps us mentally present throughout life’s many journeys, which naturally makes us much more mindful of the changes that we can make for the better.

Future Posts

Training Power Academy reviews its approach self-empowerment and healing and finds that it is made possible through its community based around self-discovery, learning, and dedication to finding answers to some of life’s most complex questions. To this point, the program values having the ability to utilize its platform to help individuals achieve a wholistic sense of wellness on their own terms. The road to healing for individuals across demographics is much more accessible and inclusive when resources are made available that demystify the process.

Future posts will explore topics such as honing the ability to develop intuition and psychic abilities safely and effectively, practicing dream interpretation, chakra balancing, energy healing, as well as vibrational psychology. If you are interested in learning more information regarding tools to achieve self-empowerment and healing, be sure to check back for more insights from Training in Power Academy.